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sites and groups I'm involved with

forums of interest (with which I have no specific affiliation)

  • Mike's "oud message board" is an interesting network of oud aficionados
  • One of my pet peeves is loud computers - I hate them! Silent PC Review is the source for learning how to quiet them down; the board is also filled with experts on overclocking and computer performance.
  • John Sayer's acoustics forum is the most informative source for recording studio acoustics and electrical matters.
  • The Tape Op Message board is the place for DIY music recording enthusiasts.
  • Digital photography review has the most extensive and unbiased online reviews of digital cameras. The public forums provide an additional invaluable resource for enthusiasts confused by the several hundred available models of digital cameras.
  • Taperssection.com forums contain valuable information on portable recording, particularly of interest to ethnographers who need to figure out how to navigate the equipment choices in today's market.
  • Group-DIY. The one-stop-shop for DIY pro audio projects (I'm currently making a clone of a 1970s API312 mic preamp)

professional societies

interesting websites

  • Lilypond. Open-source music notation software that provides Turkish microtonal and avant-garde notational support.
  • Ana Sayfa - Vikipedi (Turkish language version of wikipedia)
  • Pela Seri- Wikipedia (Zazaki/Dimili language version of wikipedia)
  • Lazuri - the best Laz culture website. Arzu Paluri Kal, a prominent lawyer and food writer, is one of the editors.
  • A bunch of useful Ethnomusicology links

Updated December 17, 2017

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