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friends and websites in Turkey...

  • Todd Thille, Synesthete is one of the most creative video artists out there today. And I mean out there...
  • Ulas Özdemir - Alevi musician and musicologist
  • Aytekin Atas - arranger and composer of film and TV music
  • Aysenur Kolivar - professional singer and passionate scholar of Hemsin, Laz, and other Eastern Black Sea local musics
  • Neoplast is Turkey's only true goth industrial darkwave band
  • Sinan Erdemsel is an Istanbul-based multi-instrumentalist who often teaches at various camps in California
  • Gitar Cafe (Kadiköy) - my favorite venue in Istanbul for interesting concerts and good conversations

friends and websites in the US and beyond...

  • Baby Dee, piano, harp, and queen of organ grinding
  • The Warheads - an original San Francisco music concoction of Ron K and JRS
  • Kid Kameleon - a great blog by DJ/music writer Matt Earp
  • DJ Ripley - researcher, club DJ
  • Tricky Redkin is a funky psychedelic children's group whose album I mixed
  • Eric Ederer is a man on a mission: ultimate esoteric knowledge about the cumbus and the makam system...
  • Myra Melford is an experimental jazz pianist and inspiring teacher of the works of Leroy Jenkins, Dave Douglas, and Henry Threadgill
  • Jonathan Kessler and Beth Moscov do many things - raising goats, archery, and playing doumbek...
  • Aharon Wheels Bohlsta is one of the craziest tabla players and drummers ever. And that's a good thing...
  • Four Flea Circus is one of the stranger new groups to emerge from Cal. They were just in Japan last summer...
  • John Carlos Perea is a fellow Berkeley student, grooving bassist, and powwow drummer
  • Cemali is a Turkish industrial band primarily based in the Bay Area

scholars you need to know about...

(in alphabetical order)
  • Benjamin Brinner - ethnomusicology (UCB), specializing in issues of musical competence, interaction, networks, and memory.
  • Jocelyne Guilbault - ethnomusicology (UCB), specializing in cultural politics (particularly in the French and English speaking Caribbean).
  • Donna Kwon - ethnomusicology (U of Kentucky), specializing in the music of Korea.
  • Scott Marcus - ethnomusicology (UCSB), directs the UCSB Middle Eastern Ensemble and Music of India Ensemble, and specializes in the musics of Egypt and India.
  • Robert Provine - ethnomusicology (UMD), specializing in the music of Korea.
  • Graham St. John is an anthropologist doing the most interesting and important academic research on electronic dance music right now.
  • Martin Stokes - ethnomusicology (Oxford), specializing in popular music in Turkey and Egypt.
  • Paul Theberge - technical mediations of culture (Carleton), specializing in new media and the music industry.
  • Bonnie Wade - ethnomusicology (UCB), specializing in the historeography of Indian music and contemporary Japanese music.
  • Lawrence Witzleben - ethnomusicology (UMD), specializing in the music of China and popular music studies.

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