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conference papers

2014   "Nature- Village - Studio: Doğa İçin Çal and the Continuing Legacy of National Folklore in Turkey." Middle East and Central Asia Music Forum (City University)
2014   "Theorizing Film Music: Landscapes, Leitmotifs and Melancholy in Turkish Dönem Films." Crossroads in Cultural Studies conference, Tampere, FI
2014   "Craft Guilds and Digital Audio Production." IASPM UK/Ireland, Cork, IE
Chair: Jazz in Cross-Cultural Context panel
2013   "Extending the Saz, Virtualizing the Orchestra: On the Limits of the Instrument”." American Musicological Society annual meeting, Pittsburgh, PA
2013   "Computers in the Studio: Problems and Methods for the Ethnography of Contemporary Recording Production." British Forum for Ethnomusicology annual conference, Belfast, Northern Ireland
2012   "Indirect Users and Digital Audio Technologies." 4S/EASST annual conference, Copenhagen, DK
2012   "The Crying Saz: A Meditation on Instrument Agency." Society for Ethnomusicology/ American Musicological Association joint meeting, New Orleans, LA
Chair: Instrumental Agency and Invention: Musical Instruments in Modern Anatolia panel
2012   "Laz Digital: The Vital Materiality and Political Valence of Acoustic Instruments and Instrumentality in Digital Recording Environments." American Anthropological Association 111st Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA
2011   "Denk and Renk: The (Digital) Aesthetics of Balance and Color in Contemporary Arranged Anatolian Folk Music." American Anthropological Association 110th Annual Meeting, Montreal, QE.
2011   "What Studios Do." Art of Record Production 7th Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA
2010   "Affect and Landscape in the Film Music and Film Sound of 21st Century Turkish Cinema." Society for Ethnomusicology 55th Annual Conference, Los Angeles, CA.
Chair, "Landscapes, Soundscapes and Depictions of Place in Asian Film Music" panel.
2009   "Social Collaborations and Meaning Production in Turkish-Speaking Publics." American Anthropological Association 108th Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA.
2009   "Technologies of Spirituality, Hi-tech-sponsored Communalism, and the Dialectics of Northern California's Electronic Dance Music Microcultures." Middle Atlantic Chapter, Society for Ethnomusicology Annual Meeting, Richmond, VA.
2008   "Ron's Right Arm: Tactility, Visualization, and the Synesthesia of Audio Engineering." Art of Record Production 4th Annual Conference, Lowell, MA
2008   "Folkloric resources and the legitimation of innovative arranged recordings in Turkey." Society for Ethnomusicology 53rd Annual Conference, Middletown, CT.
2008   "Comfort and tea: institutional culture and aesthetic decision-making in the Turkish recording industry." Northern California Chapter, Society for Ethnomusicology Annual Meeting, Fremont, CA.
[Winner of the Marnie Dilling Prize]
2007   "The Arrangement and Engineering of Individual Musicianship and Group Interaction in Contemporary Turkish Recordings." Society for Ethnomusicology 52nd Annual Conference, Columbus, OH.
2006   "Karadeniz Müziği ve Karadeniz Yöresel Müziklerinin Karşılaştırmalı Teknik Analizi." Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi Halkbilim Topluluğu 45th Annual Meeting, Ankara, Turkey. Invited paper.
2006   "Studios, arrangement, and the distributed production system of contemporary Turkish music." Art of Record Production 2nd Annual Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland.
2003   "Hisses, Hums, and Pops: Low Fidelity Aesthetics in Contemporary Popular Music." International Association for the Study of Popular Music, US Branch Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, CA.
2003   "Bi-musicality and Middle Eastern Musemes in Electronica Music." Society for Ethnomusicology 48th Annual Conference, Miami, FL.
Chair, "Technology and Mediation" panel.
2003   "The Electric Orient: Bi-musicality and Middle Eastern Inflections in British Electronica." Northern California Chapter, Society for Ethnomusicology Annual Meeting, Berkeley, CA.
1997   "Turkish Makams in Rebetika." Northeast Chapter, Society for Ethnomusicology Annual Meeting, Middletown, CT.

invited colloquia/lectures

2014   "Village - Environment - Studio: Doğa İçin Çal and the Cartographies of Modern Turkey." Yale University Deparment of Music, Stanley T Woodward Lectureship
2014   "Agency and Instruments." Tufts University Machine Fantasies Symposium
2013   "'Canlı' Music: Stage/Studio Dichotomies and Disembodied Liveness in Turkish Folk Rock." Rethinking Liveness: Music, Performance and Media Technology (Cork, IE)
2013   "Digital Aesthetics and the Production of Turkish Dönem Film Music." Music | Digitisation | Mediation (Oxford University)
2014   "The Ethnography of Music Industries." Kings College, Colloquium Series:
2014   "The Ethnography of Music Industries." Bath Spa University, Centre for Music Research Forum
2014   "The Ethnography of Music Industries." University of Nottingham, Colloquium Series
2014   "Digital Aesthetics and the Production of Turkish Dönem Film Music ." University of Edinburgh, Music Lecture Series
2014   "Digital Aesthetics and the Production of Turkish Dönem Film Music ." Royal Holloway, Research Seminar Series
2012   "Engineering Turkish Music: Latency, Auditory Images, and Sensoriums of the Studio." Eastman School of Music Musicology Colloquium
2012   "The Glitch and Philosophy: Reconsidering the Rhizome in Glitch Music." Cornell University Society for the Humanities Fellows Workshop
2011   "Sensoriums of the Recording Studio: Engineer, Arranger, Studio Musician" Harvard University Mahindra Humanities Center Seminar
2012   Keynote. Cornell University Anthropology Department: Technology for Research Workshop
2011   "The ʿûd in Turkey" Boston University
2010   "What is a Halay Dance? The Collaborative Production of Meanings on Turkish Social Networking Sites." University of Pittsburgh
2010   "Ron's Right Arm: Synesthesias, Sensoriums, and the Experience of Recording Studio Work." Brown University
2008   "Folk Music of Anatolia." Academy Village, Tucson (invited lecture/performance with Ladi Dell'aira)
2007   "The Arrangement and Engineering of Individual Musicianship and Group Interaction in Contemporary Turkish Recordings" UC Berkeley Colloquia in the Musicologies
2006   "Digital Audio Workstations and Changes to Turkish Music Performance Practice" Işık Üniversitesi (Şile)
2006   "Ethnic and Musical Aspects and Consequences of pan-Karadeniz Popular Music" American Research Institute of Turkey (Istanbul)
2004   "What Can we Know about Ancient Music?" Stanford University (an interactive multimedia presentation on ancient Egyptian, Sumerian, and Hurrian music, with Hector Bezanis)
2004   "Sufism and Music in Turkish Islamic Society" St. Mary's College, Moraga
2003   "Hisses, Hums, and Pops: Low-Fidelity Aesthetics in Contemporary Popular Music" UC Berkeley Colloquia in the Musicologies
1997   "The Ambient Belief System: an Introduction" Wesleyan University Colloquia Series

2011   Cornell University: Music, Gender & Globalization conference, "Between Global and Local" panel, respondent.
2010   Syracuse University: "Music of Conflict and Reconciliation: The War in Iraq/Post-9/11 World" symposium, respondent.

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