Saturday, January 25, 2020 will see the debut of my new solo electronic project, Makamqore, as part of the New York Modular Society’s monthly concert series at Muchmore’s.

makam, n.1

(maka:mı), Arapça maḳām

  1. Position, authority
  2. Warble
  3. A melodic modal structure specific to Turkish and (some) Anatolian musics.

core, n.1

Forms:  ME– core; also ME coore, ME–16 coare, (16 chorechoarekorequore), 16–17 coar, 21 qore.

  1. The dry horny capsule imbedded in the centre of the pulp and containing the seeds or pips of the apple, pear, quince, etc.
  2. A disease of sheep, or a tumour characteristic of the disease. Also a disease in pigeons.



Sunday, March 2, 2019, I’ll be playing at one of my favorite New York venues, the Sunview Luncheonette (sometimes called the Sunview Lunch-net)—a bona-fide Greek diner, mostly unchanged since the 1960s, and now an occasional venue for improvisatory, noise, and post-rock music..

The show features an interesting array of musicians, with an opening set by Robbie Lee (winds) and Lea Bertucci (live tape electronics), a set I’m doing with Norbert Rodenkirchen (Baroque recorders/flutes, a member of Sequentia) that’s deconstructing the music of Demetrius Cantemir (Kantemiroğlu), and the trio of Robbie, Norbert and James Ilgenfritz (bass).

Doors at 7:30 and music soon at 8, don’t miss it! It’s a small venue with limited seating (vinyl-covered diner booths, and 2 phone booths for those who want seating “out of the box,” or perhaps more accurately “in a different box.” 

221 Nassau Avenue, in Greenpoint (closest subway stop is Nassau Ave on the G line)