makam, n.1

(maka:mı), Arapça maḳām

  1. Position, authority
  2. Warble
  3. A melodic modal structure specific to Turkish and (some) Anatolian musics.

core, n.1

Forms:  ME– core; also ME coore, ME–16 coare, (16 chorechoarekorequore), 16–17 coar, 21 qore.

  1. The dry horny capsule imbedded in the centre of the pulp and containing the seeds or pips of the apple, pear, quince, etc.
  2. A disease of sheep, or a tumour characteristic of the disease. Also a disease in pigeons.

makamqore is an occasional series of live/streaming performances for the New York Modular Society (, nyms@twitch) and regular series of recordings investigating chaos via the further reaches of the makam system


MAKAMQORE ‘SIFIR SIFIR HAYIR’, Apr 2020, New York Modular Society