Eliot has been performing the oud since 1992. He has contributed as a performer, composer, or audio engineer to over 80 albums produced in the US, UK and Turkey (,, and to several TV series and feature films. His music is deeply inspired by the structures (makam, usul, seyir, doğaçlama) of Anatolian music.

Recent releases (performing, composition, production)

makamqore: makamqore vol. 1
      miq productions, 2020
the big bumble bees : the big bumble bees (with Baby Dee)
…..tin angel records, 2013


basquerole : aughts and 40s (with Dan Fries)
… freeze, 2016
kaderci : mercator’s revenge (electroacoustic)
…..miq productions, 2013
current 93 : HoneySuckle Æons (oud)
…..coptic cat, 2011
kaderci : mapping cartographic abstractions (electroacoustic)
…..miq productions, 2008
basquerole : morning of radiance (with Dan Fries)
…..miq productions, 2001

some other fun things can be found at my Soundcloud page…